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LevelUp, the concept was born out of the desire to eradicate the notion of “anomalies” or “exceptions.” We don’t believe that success is only for the few and the privileged.

We both had unique journeys that brought us success early in our careers, however, we never wanted to be the exception to the rule.

We saw way too many friends who went to college and didn’t find success or worse our friends who were unable to go to college, lacked opportunities, which resulted in unfulfilling jobs.

Regardless of if you have a degree or not, we seek to fill this opportunity gap, with an emphasis on first-generation college students.

We believe that each of our students have unlimited potential to move our world forward and innovate tomorrow, therefore we wake up each morning to help them realize these opportunities.

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LevelUp is an award winning training Institute focused on closing the opportunity gap for first generation college students. Teaching the skills, providing the training and offering support so that each student reaches their full potential through higher education, and excels in their professional careers.

The LevelUp Institute immerses students in an intense and supported environment that leaves them graduating with college level coursework, marketable job skills, and cutting edge entrepreneurial training.

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