Education Reimagined.

Career Accelerator

The career accelerator is designed to provide training that is immediately applicable. Each lesson is built in such a way that the cohort must master all of the objectives in order to move on to the next one and be effective. We work with students from low-income backgrounds who are first in their families to go to college and teach them the skills needed to become employable, then we take it to the Next Level and place them in high growth companies.

The Blueprint

The LevelUp Institute immerses students in an intense and supported environment that leaves them graduating with college level coursework, marketable job skills, and cutting edge entrepreneurial training.

The Process

Our approach focuses on students’ professional and personal development to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency.

For the first 3 month of the program, students are building their technical and professional skills while building a business. Students then apply all that they have learned in a 6 month internship with one of the LevelUp Institutes’ corporate partners. Students are supported by alumni peer to peer mentors, professional career coaches, dedicated staff advisors and a powerful network of industry leading community based partners. With successful completion of the program students will have the option of working for the company they have been interning with or take their portfolio to another company.

Polish Potential

Our program emphasizes academic and professional development, setting expectations high for quality work. A strong structure enhanced by immediate application guides students through the necessary steps for achieving success in the classroom and the workplace.